What is VoxelCity?

In VoxelCity™, the player is given the task of founding and developing a city while maintaining the happiness of the citizens and keeping a stable budget.
This takes place in a world full of voxels - 3d cubes, which can be combined in a variety of ways to build astonishing buildings.
VoxelCity™ connects the stylish voxel-art (As seen in MineCraft or Stonehearth) and the thrill and fun of building and managing a whole city (SimCity, Caesar, Cities: Skylines).

Model of a house in VoxelCity™

So, you're building another city builder, right?

VoxelCity™ is way more than that!
With our game, we want to define a new standard for this genre.

We're working on this features right now:

  • Affecting

    Each object affects the environment, the reactions of the population and therefore the future of your city. Please make sure to place trashcans!

  • Object interaction

    Interaction with almost any type of building (eg : financial management inside the bank, bowling in the leisure center , etc.)

  • Unique build system

    We had to develop a special, easy-to-use build system for a personal design of your own city.

  • Cross-Platform cities

    Be the mayor of your city, no matter if you're at home, in the train or at school ... (We promise, we will tell nobody!)

  • Build for each other

    You will have the ability to upload your creations so other players can use them in their cities.

  • Earn money

    There will be different ways to receive funds for your city - but be aware! Not all of them are 100% legal ...

  • Unique game graphics

    We love the 8- and 16-bit classics on NES/SNES/Mega Drive - but 3D-graphics are also nice - let's combine this two worlds with small cubes, so called voxels!

  • Multiplayer modes

    Playing with friends is always fun - VoxelCity™ will include different multiplayer-modes, like Build'n'Destroy, Co-Op and a secret one!

  • PC only?

    Nope! VoxelCity™ will be available for your PC, Mac and later also for your Tablet and Smartphone (iOS, Android)!

  • So much more!

    We have a lot of ideas for additional game modes, theme packs and even more features for our game - help us to create a different, better city building game!

You have an idea or a suggestion for VoxelCity™?
Let's develop this game together!
Contact us!

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We love cats, so cats will be in VoxelCity™, simple :)
You are the mayor!

You are the mayor

The outstanding voxel based design offers opportunities for unlimited creativity. VoxelCity™ has been designed to promote multi-player gameplay, so your friends can join, play and be astonished by your creation!

Interact with your city!

Interact with your city
and citizens

Each object affects the environment, the reactions of the population and therefore the future of your city.

Your own, personal city!

Your own city -
a little bit more personal

You want to add your own models to your town?
We'll make this possible for you, so you can create the city of your dreams.

When can I play VoxelCity?

VoxelCity™ is currently under development and we work every free minute on this project.
Our Kickstarter campaign will start very soon - and we're hoping for your support!

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Model of a theatre in VoxelCity™

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The VoxelCity Kickstarter campaign

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